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Fears & Phobias

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Hypnotherapy For Fears & Phobias

Are fears or phobias holding you back in life? Maybe it’s the overwhelming panic that you feel when you see a spider? Or fearful thoughts that seem to take over and make you avoid certain situations? As time goes on, it can seem as though you will never be free from the anxieties and fears over certain objects/situations. If anything, it sometimes seems like the phobia or fear appears to get worse over time.


A phobia is an irrational and intense fear of an object, situation or activity that can cause fight or flight reactions in the body and avoidance of the trigger. A fear is a natural reaction to objects or situations which could pose some harm or threat, such as being close to a cliff edge. Fear prevents a person from taking unnecessary risks and therefore is protective, however sometimes fears can intensify and interfere with daily living. Common fears and phobias include fear of heights, flying, needles, blood and certain animals such as spiders, snakes and dogs.

What We Can Do

No matter how debilitating your symptoms are, you can achieve freedom from your phobia or fear using hypnosis. A phobia often arises because of a one-time experience, and as a result your subconscious mind is communicating to you that there may be a danger that you need to avoid. However, just as your subconscious mind learnt the avoidance or protective measures to keep you safe from such a “threat”, the subconscious mind can be just as easily re programmed to allow you to live life with the fear or phobia greatly reduced or even eradicated completely!

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Hypnotherapy Session Details


Usually only 2 or 3 one hour sessions are required to treat fears or phobias, but more sessions can be booked if needed.



/ 1hr

Hypnotherapy sessions cost £60 per hour for one session. 


I will send a form to complete prior to our first session. If you are coming for an in-person session, just bring yourself! If we are having an online session, a reliable internet connection and a comfortable place to sit during the session is required.

*Hypnotherapy is an effective tool which can be used to successfully treat a variety of issues; however, success is not 100% guaranteed and commitment from the client is an important part of the process.

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Nicki Past Life Regression

I felt relaxed and comfortable straight away and it was an amazing experience. Emily's voice was easy to follow and I got a connection straight away. After the session I thought I'd feel lethargic but I had plenty of energy!

Craig Past Life Regression

I thoroughly enjoyed the session, it was so eye opening and incredibly interesting to witness what my past life was like. Emily has a really soothing voice which massively helped me to relax, and guided me through every step. Would definitely recommend to others and do it again.

Michelle Past Life Regression

My first regression and a lovely experience to see and feel the way I lived in a past life. I felt completely relaxed with Emily’s gentle guidance as she took me through the process. I look forward to another session with her.

Mary Past Life Regression

I found the session very interesting. I felt very comfortable and secure with Emily straight away. Not having done this before, I didn't know what to expect, but it was a very pleasing experience. I would certainly recommend Emily.

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